・John Junkerman,Director
・John Junkerman,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・John Junkerman,Director
・HASHIGUCHI Ryosuke,Director
・SATO Makoto,Director
HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・UMEKAWA Toshiaki,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・SATO Makoto,Director
Born in 1957 in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture. Majored in Philosophy at Tokyo University.
Assistant Director for Innocent Sea: Minamata 1981 (Dir.: KATORI Naotaka) in 1981.
Worked as Assistant Director under KAGAMI Youichi in 1985, before going freelance and making many PR films and television programs.
Began living communally in 1988 in the mountains of Niigata with a shooting staff of seven for Living on the River Agano, which he directed.
Completed Living on the River Agano in 1992. Won numerous prizes including the Minister of Education's New Artist Award. After this he produced, directed and edited a wide variety of films and television programs.
Established Kasama Films in 1996. Published book entitled Mirror Named Daily Life in 1997.
1992   Living on the River Agano (Diector)
1994   TV documentary "Diary of a Birth in Our Home" (TV Tokyo, Production & Direction)
TV documentary "Lokking for the Sun" (Editing)
1996   TV documentary "Tokyo as Read Through Photographs" (NHK Enterprises 21, Production & Direction)
TV documentary "Tsugawa : Town of the Legendary Foxfire" (Kasama Films, Direction : Regional Period Award)
Planning of the Minamata Exhibition in Tokyo
Video "Minamata Disease : Video Q & A (Siglo, Direction & Scenario).
1997   "Nadya's Village (Sosna Films, Dir. : Motohashi Seiichi ; Editing) TV documentary "Rainbow Over a Brige:"
TV documentary "Long Challenge Toward Regional Independence Connecting Farmers and Kitchens (Production & Direction).
1998   Artists in Wonderland ("Mahiru no Hoshi") ,Siglo Ltd.
2001   SELF AND OTHERS ("Self and Others"),Euro Space Ltd.  HANAKO ("Hanako"),Siglo Ltd.