・John Junkerman,Director
・John Junkerman,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・John Junkerman,Director
・HASHIGUCHI Ryosuke,Director
・SATO Makoto,Director
HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・UMEKAWA Toshiaki,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・SATO Makoto,Director

THE RIVER WITH NO BRIDGE begins in 1908 and tells the story of a widow, Fude HATANAKA and her two sons, Seitaro and Koji, who live in the small town of Komori, where Buraku people are forced to reside.

The two boys are continuously harassed by their teachers and classmates through their childhood as a result of their Buraku heritage.

In the midst of the 1918 Great Rice Riots in Osaka, Seitaro meets with Asako, the daughter of a rice shop owner, and falls in love with her. She too is of Buraku descent.

At the same period, Hideaki, an old friend of the brothers returns to Komori, and he along with Koji and the townspeople create "Zenkoku Suiheisha", the National Levelers Association, an organization pledged to build a bridge over the river of discrimination, making all people equal in every way.

Directed by Yoichi HIGASHI
Scriptwrite by Yoichi HIGASHI and Soo-KiI KIM
Based on the noveI "The River With No Bridge" by Sue SUMII
Director of Photography by Koichi KAWAKAMI
Art Direction by Akira NAITO
Music Composer : Ernesto CAVOUR
Sound Mixer : Yukio KUBOTA
Lighting by Hidenori ISOZAKI
Editor : Osamu INOUE
Running Time 139 minutes
Naoko OTANI as Fude HATANAKA, Seitaro and Koji's mother
Tamao NAKAMURA as Nui HATANAKA, Seitaro and Koji's grandmother
Tetsuta SUGIMOTO as Seitaro HATANAKA, the elder brother
Atsuro WATABE as Koji HATANAKA, the younger brother
Hiroko NAKAJIMA as Asako YASUI, Seitaro's wife
Ai YASUNAGA as Machie SUGIMOTO, Koji's classmate
Etsushi TAKAHASHI as Munenori ISEDA, Fude's Iover
Saki TAKAOKA as Nanae MINEMURA, Seitaro and Koji's cousin
Some titles in English are non official translations.
Special thanks to Max TESSIER
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