・John Junkerman,Director
・John Junkerman,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・John Junkerman,Director
・HASHIGUCHI Ryosuke,Director
・SATO Makoto,Director
HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・UMEKAWA Toshiaki,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・SATO Makoto,Director
  SATO Makoto

IMAMURA Hanako is a twenty-two-years old girl with severe autism who lives in Yamazaki, Kyoto Prefecture.
Once a week she attends a painting class, where she paints bold pictures in oils.

In another vein, though, every evening after dinner she also continues to create works that her mother, Chisa, has named "food art".

This may only involve arranging the leftovers from the day's meal on the floor or a tray, but Hanako's mother records the works every day, so that there are now some thousands of photographs that have been accumulated.

This collection of photographs has been exhibited around the country, and has begun to receive the attention of professional artists.

By focusing on Hanako, following her daily life in the routine of the four members of the Imamura family, we see the portrait of the family "unfolded" to us. On the tatami floor, Hanako continues to this day creating, as someone has called it, her "discerning art".

2001 / 35mm / 60 min / color
*only 16mm print with English subtitles

Directed by SATO Makoto
Produced by YAMAGAMI Tetsujiro
Cinematography by OTSU Koshiro
Sound Recording by TSURUMAKI Yutaka
Edited by HATA Takeshi
Music by IMAWANO Kiyoshiro / Ruffy Tuffy
IMAMURA Hanako  
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