・John Junkerman,Director
・John Junkerman,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・John Junkerman,Director
・HASHIGUCHI Ryosuke,Director
・SATO Makoto,Director
HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・UMEKAWA Toshiaki,Director
・HIGASHI Yoichi,Director
・SATO Makoto,Director

Village of Dreams is based on the book of essays The Village of My Paintings, written by TASHIMA Seizo. He and his older brother TASHIMA Yukihiko are Identical twin brothers and award-winning picture book artists. They each have uniquely different styles, but share inspiration for their work in their childhood experiences in rural Japan.

Their drawings sweep us back to 1948, to a rustic hamlet in the countryside of Kochi. The twins are in third grade; they love to draw but are also known as infamous brats in the neighborhood for the pranks they play, and they encounter various shades of life in their everyday experiences.

HIGASHI Yochi and NAKAJIMA Takehiro adapted the story into a narratibe screenplay liberally. The script vividly captures the children's encounters with the many living creatures around them, natural and supernatural, filling the story with legend and imagination. The three old woman who appear in the film were inspired by the witches in Macbeth, but are portrayed uniquely as traditional Japanese figures. Emphasizing realism, great care was taken to ensure that all dialogue in the film observed the local dialect to slightest detail.

Based on The Village of My Paintings by TASHIMA Seizo courtesy of Kumon Publishing CorporationLtd.
Directed by HIGASHI Yoichi
Screenplay by HIGASHI Yoichi and NAKAJIMA Takehiro
Music by the Caterina Ancient Music Ensemble
Cinematography by SHIMIZU Yoshio
Art direction by NAITO Akira
Set decoration by YASUDA Shoichi
Lighting by TAKEYAMA Hiromichi
Recording by TSURUMAKI Hiroshi
Assistant Director: ISAKA Satoshi
Produced by YAMAGAMI Tetsujiro and SHO Koshiro
Sponsored by Japan Art Fund
MATSUYAMA Keigo as Seizo
MATSUYAMA Shogo as Yukihiko
KOMATSU Hosei as Jimma
IWASAKI Kaneko as Toshie
SUGIYAMA Tokuko as Ushibamba
UEDA Koichi as the Principal
MAMADA Mizuki as Ikuko
NAKAJIMA Takehiro as the Mayor
TASHIMA Yukihiko as himselfe
TASHlMA Hideko as herself
TASHIMA Seizo as himself
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